Wrongful Death Claims

Pittsburgh Wrongful Death Lawyers

When a close family member dies because of the carelessness of another person or corporation, a claim may be brought to recover damages under the Pennsylvania Wrongful Death and Survival Acts.

Wrongful death may arise from medical malpractice, motor vehicle accidents, defective products, or other incidents where injury and death could have been avoided had the responsible party acted reasonably under the circumstances. Defendants can be individuals, corporations, associations, or other legal entities.

Surviving family members may seek compensation for both economic and non-economic losses.

Economic Losses Include:

• Loss of past or future wages or retirement income by the decedent

• Loss of financial support suffered by family members

• Medical expenses

• Funeral expenses

• Costs of Estate Administration

Non-Economic Losses Include.

• Physical and emotional pain and suffering of the decedent

• Loss of companionship

• Loss of society, comfort, love, and affection

• Loss of tutelage and moral upbringing for children

Having represented families who have suffered the consequences of a needless death, we realize that no financial award can adequately compensate you for the loss of a spouse, child, or parent. However, filing a Wrongful Death Action may be the only way to get answers to your questions, to hold those responsible for the death accountable, and to prevent similar tragedies from occurring in the future.

We have experience in working with qualified experts not only to establish the negligence or fault of the wrongdoers, but to determine the extent of the financial hardships your family faces today, and will face in the future.

We have successfully represented many families who have obtained substantial monetary recoveries for the loss of a loved one. These include Multimillion Dollar Recoveries.

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